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Mission Statement

University Advising provides students with consistent, accessible support in an atmosphere of collaborative professionalism. We believe advising is teaching and applying a diverse, student-centered advising approach to engage students in their holistic development. Through innovative practices, continuous assessment, and improvement, we deliver excellence in advising as students transition through their academic careers.

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  • Relationships
  • Respect
  • Success
  • Connection
  • Professionalism
  • Humor
  • Excellence
  • Inclusion
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University advising is integral to the success and timely graduation of our students. Our team looks forward to working with you as you navigate college life and strive to assist you in making the most of your time as a student. Each of our five colleges has an advising center teamed with professional advisors and is also supported by faculty advisors depending on major. For more information, select the college that houses your major below.


Academic Advisors


University Advising
Frankie Weeks 2498     KRNS 216B   
Wall College Advising Center        
Kara Schultz  4170    WALL 233F  Director 
Don Brook  6486    WALL 233   
Benjamin Rutherford  6529    WALL 233C   
Kendra Lee  2427    WALL 233   
Yvette Jefferson    WALL 233   
Spadoni College Advising Center         
Penny Bell  2695    PRIN 213C   
Karen Cafaro 6537   PRIN 213A   
Zan Wiggins 4073   PRIN 213K  Director
Edwards College Advising Center        
Heather Huffman 2941 BRTH 330  Director
Ana Maria Lavado 2904 BRTH 327   
Hailey Melton 2730 BRTH 333   
Laura Suggs 6929 BRTH 331   
Will Wright 6426 BRTH 329   
Emily Schneider 2627 BRTH 328   
Gupta College Advising Center        
Teresa Keith 6534 SCI II 210J   
Brian Wagner 2984 SCI II 210C   
Steven Taylor   SCI II 210K   
Cristy Null 6628 SCI II 210A  Director
CMC College Advising Center        
Kelli Moses-Dolfi 6541 SCI II 210D   
Denise Sanata 6989 SCI II 210K   
HTC College - Honors        
Michele Varga 6528 KRNS 213   
Student-Athlete Academic Services        
Megan Gregory 4008 KRNS 211E   
Maggie Hinson 6959 KRNS 211I   
Alise Svihla 4178 KRNS 216A  Associate Athletic Director
Tye McKenney 4104 KRNS 215B   
Strategic Advising and Peer Leadership        
Anne Berler 4080 KRNS 215E  Director
Shannon Sarvis 5089 KRNS 213B   
Liz Winn 4105 KRNS 215A